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Meeting notes for 8/29/2012

Topics: Announcements
Sep 5, 2012 at 9:07 PM

I just noticed that I forgot to send notes last week, so here they are:

- Removing page layer hints from default recipe: will be done when we have widget pages.

- Harvest: we have 50 attendants. Registration is still open and we can welcome more.

- Subrepos are removed, people need to re-clone and sync to the latest changeset in 1.x explicitly. This problem is going away when 1.6 becomes the default branch.

- MySQL is in, will be in 1.6, waiting for bug fixes for release.

- Sébastien is playing with a media management module that he will show at Harvest, John Murdoch contributed that. Provider-based image processing pipeline with tokens and stuff... In principle, could be used on videos and documents as well. Yum.

- Triage: 25 incoming, 78 remaining for 1.6. We need help if this is going to ship around Harvest.

- When pushing a fix, don't forget to prefix bug#: description, so it gets closed automatically.

- Question about orchard.exe: it can batch if you give it @filename as a parameter.

- What's in 1.7? suggestions: media as content items with processing, widget pages, workflow, calendar, inline editing, etc.. Suggestions welcome.

- No 1.7 branch yet, please use a local clone if working on 1.7 features for now, until 1.6 is released. Or a fork.

- Some major sites released, such as