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New to Orchard and some questions...

Topics: General, Writing modules
Aug 13, 2012 at 7:39 PM

To be honest I have just been reading the documentation and forums before I install and actually start working with Orchard.  I think Orchard is going to meet the requirements I have been given but I would like to clear some things up.

Orchard modules and mvccontrib portable areas.  They seem to do basically the same thing so can you use a portable area with Orchard? Or am I completely off base?

Themes. Is there a way for the end user to be able to style their site something akin to the themeroller found with jquery? If not is there an alternative?

The background on the project is a while ago I  developed a web site for a client and now they want to upgrade and part of the upgrade is the ability to move some of the features I developed around by them or include them in new pages etc.. 

They also want to be able to change the styling by using a themeroller type tool.

Basically we want to turn over day to day/low level maintenance of the site to the customer.

Any input would be appreciated.




Aug 24, 2012 at 11:58 PM

Orchard Modules can be viewed as portable areas. Although you could probably use a portable area from mvc contrib, there's really no point, since an Orchard module IS a portable area. Although I guess you could simply drop a Portable Area into the Modules folder and create a Module.txt file and required contents to quickly turn the area into a module.

Orchard itself does not come with a themeroller, but there's a website out there that enables the end user to pick a base theme and have them define colors, images, and plenty of other things. When they're done, they can download the theme and install it in ther Orchard installation. Check it out: