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Orchard powered ranking screen on Tour du Jour (RTL4, NL - Live television)

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Jul 3, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Edited Jul 3, 2012 at 1:09 PM

So yeah, our first day using our Orchard powered ranking screen on live television went well!

The live event I'm talking about is Tour du Jour on RTL4 @ Dutch (NL) television and will run for another ~19 days.

Daily, 10 cyclists come cycling for an hour, and their combined effort is tracked on a ranking screen.

The other teams their performance are simulated : so after 10 minutes you see the current team their stats + the statistics 
of the other times at that point in time.

For Orchard, the whole project exists out of 2 custom modules + themes:
- Hosting
- Tracking

The hosting module is responsible for the launching and managing of available race servers (separate executables that we 
launch in the background + connect to).

This is done by creating a 'contest' (an id + public/private key combo) + 1 or more configured server configurations that 
have settings like max/min available servers + race specific settings (name, max players, ...) all configurable through the 
admin area.

The tracking module is responsible for the tracking and visualizing of active races/contests and uses the contest id + 
public key to detect what servers it should connect to and track.It connects to the race servers as a spectator and tracks all incoming data in a database (all data samples - pulses -, 
player joins, ...)

Then you create views that target a specific subset (or all if wanted) of the stored data as in you pick a start and end 
date to visualize, what levels should be tracked etc...

To access this view, we do not need another application, but just a web browser.
Then per view you can configure what theme to use to visualize the data (regular Orchard theme, using a theme provider we use the database to check what theme should be used).
A theme uses plenty of javascript to visualize old 
(as in fetched from the database) AND live data (being sent to the web browser the moment the data is received)

We use PokeIn for the constant data transfer between the webbrowser and the server. We had to pick an OEM license, since 
none of the subscriptions cover using pokein @ localhost on multiple servers (if needed), but we consider that 'worth it'.

So, just posting it to show that Orchard can be used for other things than pure CMS as well ;)

I'll post some screenshots later on. If you have questions how we did things, ask away!

I might add some more details myself later on, but this all I can type in the time.

edit: Zip with some pics can be found @

Jul 3, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Edited Jul 3, 2012 at 11:22 PM

I love it! - and I'm proud that you used Orchard for Dutch television. Great job :)

Jul 4, 2012 at 1:51 PM

Cool! nice job! also Dutch ;)