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How to test a module's driver (esp. the HttpPost Editor method) without html layer

Topics: Writing modules
Jun 27, 2012 at 3:18 PM

Hello hard-core Orcharders,

we're still building our new web app with Orchard, trying to use Specification by Example for all of our user stories.

Unfortunately, the automated testing of the running application has been far from easy - the approach taken in the Orchard.Specs tests (using HostingEnvironment and a lot of "magic" glue) broke at some point during out own tests so we went down the browser automation road. As it turns out, not a very straight road either with remote controlling IISExpress and a browser instance through Selenium (actually, coypu, a great DSL on top of Selenium and others:

At this point, we're trying to step back and re-evaluate the options we have. So my question is along the following line:

How to I test my module's driver code, esp. the update code in the Editor() method without using a browser or even the html layer used in some Orchard.Specs tests? I'm thinking of testing them like MVC controller actions - I just don't know how.

Any ideas, anybody else trying to do the same?