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"Localization" and "Culture Picker" Modules

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May 29, 2012 at 2:17 AM

Good morning Orchard Team,

How are you guys doing today?  I am a .NET developer that's new to Orchard and just starting out on it by going through the tutorials.  I am noticing that the localization functionality to be super important to many orchard developers.  So on that note, thank you very much for making the "Localization" module available for all of us.  And I just found out there is a "Culture Picker" module available that is, which I find, to be a necessity and to be very useful.

So on that note, are there any plans to combine the "Localization" module and "Culture Picker" module as one module where the language selection dropdown could be a configured option in the settings to either have it visible or not?  Because when one thinks about it, these two modules do go hand-in-hand where 

1.  Localization nowadays is very important on a global scale especially if your target audiences are multi-lingual or of different nationality.

2.  Being able to pick the language you want to read in, allows the user more freedom of choice to read something in a language they are comfortable in.

Before Orchard, in order to develop a website that used a CMS, I would use Wordpress.  There's this plugin/module for Wordpress called "qTranslate" which is this one module that localizes the website and offers the capability to configure in the settings, the option to show the language selection dropdown or not.  As a developer creating multi-languaged websites, I found this to be very convenient and useful to have it all in 1 module/plugin.

And since we are on the topic of localization, I find that managing the "Page" type content in the "Manage Content" section of Orchard to be a bit cumbersome when you are localizing it for different languages.  Imagine if you have lots of pages and lots of languages to localize it in.  It seems that for each language of the same page, it gets its own record in the grid.  Are there any plans to simplify managing "Page" type content for localization?  For example, what "qTranslate" does for wordpress is when there are more than 1 language for the website, when editing each page, each language gets its own tab.  So inside each tab for each language for a page in edit mode, there is a textarea (tinycme) for the user to enter content for its respective language.  So any textarea and textfield that are required for each language, would get its own tab.  With this method, you just have one record for a page and not one record for each language of the same page, displayed in the grid of the "Manage Content" section.

The "qTranslate" plugin for Wordpress does a really good job for localization.  Maybe we could get some ideas from the "qTranslate" plugin and expand upon it even more like making localizing custom content of custom content types, easier???  Could this be one of those "To-Do" core modules the "Orchard Team" could consider for a future Orchard release?

Thank you very much Orchard Team for reading my rambling, I really appreciate it.  Keep up the great work!!!  

We all appreciate the the great work you guys are doing!!!
Take care and have a great day


May 29, 2012 at 7:18 AM

There are many different ways to manage localization in sites. One size does not fit all. So no, it's fine as a module.

Jun 3, 2012 at 4:35 AM

hi good morning,

thank you very much for the response.  i really appreciate it.  i am on the same page as it being a module but hoping the "Culture Picker" module by "Sergey Ermakovich" could be combined into/merged into the "Localization" module that's created by the Orchard Team.  It would be a great functionality to have as part of a single "Localization" module.

just a thought.

thank you very much and have a great day