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Paging behaviour in Projecter Widget

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May 10, 2012 at 6:51 PM

My Setup:
I show Golf Parcours using BingMaps. I load 3 Projector Widgets into TripleFirst, TripleSecond, TripleThird (TheThemeMachine).
In Each Zone I show the Parcours for France, (rest of)Europe,  World (non-Europe) respectively.

Using the Queries I see the Parcours in all 3 Zones correctly and can click to get the map - so far all is ok!

In all Projector Widgets I use the 'Show Pager'.

The Problem:

- when clicking 'Older' to advance a page in the 1st Zone the other 2 Zones seem to go to the end i.e. it seems that the 'click' is also influencing the other two Zones! ( In fact the other two zones get empty; or, they go to the end because there are less Parcours in the two than in the one I clicked)

- when I click 'Older' in Zone 2 or 3: the first (1) zone goes to the end and shows correctly the last page! But Zone 2 + 3 become empty!

The bottom line: The 'Pager' doesn't seem to work independently when I have more than one 'Projector Widgets' on the same page!

Or, did I miss anything!
Thanks for your time and help

May 10, 2012 at 7:07 PM

I think you missed the Suffix property. Quoting the hint:

"Optional. Provide a suffix to use when multiple pagers are displayed on the same page, e.g., when using multiple Projection Widgets, or to define alternates."

For instance, put "france", "europe", and "other" for instance.

Enjoy ;)

May 21, 2012 at 8:59 PM

thanks for your time and sorry that I missed that!

applying the Suffix improves the behaviour but obviously I still miss something, because:

- clicking on 'Older' in TripleFirst opens and closed correctly as before AND it does NOT influence the others amymore - that's ok! Also I can use 'Newer', so I can go forth and back
- clicking on 'Older' in TripleSecond  'empties' the widget but 'Newer' does NOT show (I show 10 entries out of  a total of 15
- clicking on'Older' in TripleThird 'empties' the widget as well BUT here I see 'Newer'  but clicking 'Newer' does NOT ALWAYS go back

weird; ... I still must miss something!?

?  can I essentially put any string in 'Suffix'?
? do I need to do anything else with this 'Suffix'?

? PS: where would I change Older/Newer to Next/Previous?

thanks for your time and help, ed



May 25, 2012 at 7:12 AM

Hi Sebastien, thanks for your time
I did some more testing but cannot figure out any systematic (wrong) behaviour!

? As mentioned above is ther anything I still might miss around the Suffix thing?

Thanks for any idea on how to tackle this ?!, ed