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Projections and Tokens

Topics: Administration, Customizing Orchard
Apr 13, 2012 at 7:46 AM


is there anywhere a manual for Projections (Filters) and Tokens?

I am to stupid to understand that ;)

When i use a Query for a specific ContentType. Now i would filter them again with the ContentID from the ContentType. How i do that?

For what are the Tokens {Content.Id} and {TypeDefinition.Fields}? If i use them, i only became null results... In what shapes relate to?

For Example: 

I have a ContentType: Company with the Fields: Adress, Kontakt, Informations, and many more.

Now i would Display the company-site with a alternate layout.

[Widget = {Title}]

[Widget = {Advanced.Menu} ]

{Company-Alternate Data}

So have i for every company a separate layer + "title" widget with must fill by hand.

Now would i replace the Title-Widget (formaly HTML-Widget) with a query Widget. But i need the Filter-Token to Filter the ContentType on the basis of the right Company. 

I hope this is understandable for you.

Thank you....