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How to make a blog front page more “transparent”

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Mar 5, 2012 at 7:04 PM

Strange question, no?

What I really mean is this: On a blog’s front page, where you have a summary list of your most recent blog entries, the blog name and date of creation is always displayed. How do I remove that information for just the blog itself, and not for any other generated pages?

I have a website that is *only* a blog. Nothing else, really. Not yet, anyhow, and probably for a while. Because I did NOT put the blog into a subdirectory, it appears automagicaly in the Content widget of my main front page. So far, so good. However, since my site is a (so far) blog-only site, I am getting a little annoyed at having to always see the blog name and blog creation date at the very top.

I understand that this is the standard title and publication date that appears for every page that is manually created, including blog posts. I also understand that I would have more stuff there had I put in a blog description and so forth. However, I am looking to make all that stuff “go away” without having to rely on CSS trickery. I would actually like to have that information not even appear, programatically, when displaying only the blog front page. Obviously, this info would have to come up for any other type of object, including the individual blog posts.

Essentially, what I have now on my front page (the Content widget) is a list of post summaries inside of a blog wrapper. I want only the post summaries to be visible, and the blog wrapper to be disabled or invisible/minimally loaded.

Suggestions? I have tried to look for another discussion entry that desired to achieve the same effect, but haven’t yet found one.


FYI -- just checked something out: When dealing with the Widgets, the “Recent Blog Posts” element does kind of do something like what I want, in that I can fully hide the blog title and creation date, and have just the most recent few blog entries. However, when I limit the number of blog entries to show to fewer than what I actually have, there is no pager in place to allow people to go to older blog posts. I don’t know if the full blog wrapper does this, as I haven’t made more than 20 blog entries yet (the default number), but I suspect it DOES make a pager (which is what I want).

If I need to use the “Recent Blog Posts” element in question (to avoid the blog title), how do I add pagers to it so that older blog entries can be accessed?

Mar 5, 2012 at 10:11 PM

Perhaps you will find some useful info here:

It contains the info you need in order to *not* render certain parts of a content item on certain pages that you want.