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Topics: Installing Orchard, Troubleshooting
Dec 8, 2011 at 10:28 PM

It seems like i have a MVC application in my website. My hosting service said its using routing to direct resources which is messing with my google webmaster and bing webmaster accounts. what mvc applications are there? can anyone give me a list so i can find away to delete application.

This is what my hosting service said:

"It appears you have uploaded an MVC application. MVC applications use routing to direct resources which may be causing a conflict. Please try downloading your application to make a backup and temporary delete all the files except the googled3d9bb1642163369.html document, run the verification, and then re-upload your site files."



Dec 8, 2011 at 10:30 PM

Please don't post on all forums. This is counter-productive.

Orchard is an MVC application, but I have no idea what your hoster means here. That doesn't seem to make any sense. Then again, we're missing some major context here so who knows?

Dec 8, 2011 at 10:34 PM

well, its rounting my website weird. like i upload a file such as google.xml, so if i type in, shouldnt the file pop, but its giving me a weird message, 


Server Error in '/' Application.

The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.  Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly. "

even though i made sure everything is right

Dec 8, 2011 at 10:50 PM

Ah yes, well it has nothing to do with routing in fact, it's that Orchard locks down everything by default. It needs to be explicitly unlocked on a case by case basis. You can look at the web.config that is in views/content folders to get a hint of what to do (basically direct the extension that you want to add to the static file handler).