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Need fully support multi-language site

Topics: Localization
Nov 18, 2011 at 12:50 PM


I tried to use Orchard to implement multi-language web site, but I cannot do somethings below, please help me to find the solution to do it.

- I enabled Orchard Localization module (
- I added "French" language.
- In Admin section, I created list ex. About Us (slug: about-us), Product, then I created several pages under it ex. "CEO" under "About Us", "Shoe" under "Product".
- I added "French" pages that associate "English" pages 

 I need
1. Url "/en/about-us/ceo" for English page, and "/fr/about-us/ceo" for French page, but CEO page is under "About Us" page and "/about-us" was added automatically when publish content. So, when I edit url by myself and add "/fr/about-us/ceo", CEO page in French will be "/about-us/fr/about-us/ceo".
2. Home page per languages. When user enter "" or "", it should be show home page in English (English is default language). If they enter "", it should be show home page in French.
3. Navigation menu shows a caption by language ex. English will show "Home | About Us | Product" while French show "Accueil | A propos de nous | Produit"
4. Content list in Admin area shows a row for Home page and has link to English and French page for editing.
5. Navigation menu in Admin area, when user select a page to navigation in English, it also affect French part ex. add "About Us", when user see on Frontend, it will "A propos de nous" for French.

Now, I would like to know is it possible on Orchard and how to?