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Styling with the Advanced Menu Module

Topics: Customizing Orchard
Sep 18, 2011 at 7:27 PM

I am trying to style the navigation menu for my site. Specifically I have installed the Advanced Menu Module. I have created a my own theme and I have updated some styles in the site.css (borders, line-height). But the rest seems to come from the module's superfish.css. I copied this into my theme's styles folder. I was able to see some changes that I made to this file on my site, but others are overridden by the in-line CSS that seems to be injected into the widget code directly. Where is the source for this inline CSS? How can I change it. Specifically, I am trying to set the background colors of the list items with the active, current, and hover classes.

Also, I am not familiar with superfish, but some preliminary Googling seems to suggest that it is a standard plugin. Is there some place I can go and get pre-made skins? Or is there some skin designer I could use?

I hope all of this isn't on some page where I should have easily seen it. I have searched for about 2 days, and finally just started digging through the module. If I something doesn't click soon, I may be reduced to actually reading the code ;)

Thanks for any help you can provide.