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ClickToBuild.cmd fatal error CS2008: No inputs specified

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Sep 15, 2011 at 10:29 PM


I´ve been following the instructions on orchard deployment with ClickToBuild.cmd (so that i can upload to ftp without all the dll´s), but i get this error in a custom Theme that i created (inherited form The ThemeMachine).

If anyone could give me a hint on how to resolve this

Here is the output from the Visual Studio Command Prompt :

CSC : fatal error CS2008: No inputs specified [E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\Caladorf
Done Building Project "E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND\src\Orchar
d.Web\Themes\CaladorfTheme\CaladorfTheme.csproj" (default targets) -- FAILED.

Done Building Project "E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND\src\Orchar
d.sln" (Build target(s)) -- FAILED.

Done Building Project "E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND\
oj" (compile;package target(s)) -- FAILED.


"E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND\Orchard.proj" (compile;package t
arget) (1) ->
"E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND\src\Orchard.sln" (Build target)
(2) ->
"E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND\src\Orchard.Web\Themes\CaladorfT
heme\CaladorfTheme.csproj" (default target) (52) ->
(CoreCompile target) ->
  CSC : fatal error CS2008: No inputs specified [E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\Calado

    0 Warning(s)
    1 Error(s)

Time Elapsed 00:00:51.76
E:\VS Projects\Caladorf\CaladorfWebsite\DevND>





Oct 4, 2011 at 4:29 AM

Found a solution here:

I'm assuming your project have no code files because it is a theme project.

Hope this helps,