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Mello ImageGallery on Azure

Topics: Troubleshooting
Jun 1, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Has anyone successfully installed the Mello ImageGallery on an Azure hosted Orchard install? When I enabled the module in the Admin screen, I received several errors and now accessing the site produces the following error:

None of the constructors found with policy 'Orchard.Environment.AutofacUtil.DynamicProxy2.ConstructorFinderWrapper' on type 'Mello.ImageGallery.Services.ImageGalleryService' can be invoked with the available services and parameters:
Constructor 'Void .ctor(Orchard.Media.Services.IMediaService,
Orchard.Data.IRepository '1[Mello.ImageGallery.Models.ImageGallerySettingsRecord],
Orchard.Data.IRepository '1[Mello.ImageGallery.Models.ImageGalleryImageSettingsRecord], Mello.ImageGallery.Services.IThumbnailService,
Orchard.Data.IRepository '1[Mello.ImageGallery.Models.ImageGalleryRecord], Orchard.IOrchardServices,
Orchard.FileSystems.Media.IStorageProvider)' parameter resolution failed at parameter 'Orchard.Media.Services.IMediaService mediaService'.
 I removed the module and I'm redeploying the site to see if it returns to normal. I'll post this on the project site as well, just wondered if anyone here had tried to run this module on Azure. Thanks.