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A few question about the diary work on source code

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Feb 26, 2011 at 2:30 PM

OK, for clear, I take one submission as example.

I've committed one patch but it has been rejected because I received the Email that told me the bug has been fixed in dev version. Now what confuses me is that I find my submission still shows on the Repository Explore whose changeset is 4294, branch is 1.x.

Q1. So I think the code in the 1.x branch has been changed into what I submitted, right?

Q2. but whatever I do, I can't make my local file synchronized with the 1.x branch, what really happen behind the above?

There seems two methods I can use to do it after right-click, which pattern should I use to update the source code?
1.1 TortoiseHg -> Update
1.2 Hg Repository Explore -> Download(one down arrow) -> Accept (one tick)

Q3. According to what I've checked, ONLY the first one take effect(but I am not sure). If so, what's the usage of the second? Just show me all the records?

There are 3 questions altogether, a little more. :-) So thanks very much in advance. Any answer or suggestion is appreciated!

Mar 1, 2011 at 12:20 AM


Q1: As you can see in the branch history, your patch was accepted and submitted to the 1.x branch on Jan 29th. It was merged into dev along with the rest of the 1.x branch on Jan 31st. That's why you see the change in the dev branch as well. We abandoned the 1.x branch in favor of the dev branch recently.

In other words, the patch you sent this morning was already sent by you last month, reviewed, and accepted.

Q2: Please do not use the 1.x branch going forward. Use either dev or default as specified here.

Q3: There is another step you have to do after you Accept on the Hg Repository Explorer. You want to choose the changeset on the repository explorer, right click, and pick Update. Accepting a set of changes only updates your local view of the source tree, updating to a changeset is actually what makes the changes effective in your enlistment.

HTH and thanks again for the contribution.


Mar 2, 2011 at 1:41 PM


Thanks very much, it helps me much.

But I think what I submit “this morning” is different from that on “Jan 29th”, it confused you because I didn’t merge before submitting. I’ve submitted once again based on the dev version. Hope that is in correct format and helps.