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Orchard vs ASP.NET MVC application

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Feb 15, 2011 at 6:00 PM
Edited Feb 15, 2011 at 6:12 PM



I've searched the forum for this but no luck. I am planning a new website and have really not been able to come to a conclussion of what would be easier to go with: simple ASP.NET MVC application or developing it with Orchard.


So far there things I like and I don't like about each aproach, and hope you can complete with anything useful on those or other areas to help me make a decission.

ASP.NET MVC App - I like:

- Can use Entity Framework, which I largely prefer over NHibernate as I'm just more used to it (lazyness it can be... but there's also the concern if I would be able to benefit from all the work Microsoft is doing with Data Services if I go with NHibernate).

- Tutorials, documentation, etc: although the Orchard team have done a great job there's just more info and show cases out there on how to build things as an ASP.NET MVC app


Orchard - I like:

- Control panel by default: my site will have several distinct administrator and all and they feel comfortable having a "background" way of managing things, which is something I'd have to build on my own if I went with an ASP.NET MVC App (as far as I know).

- Plugins: I think there just isn't that facility of grabbing a new component and integrating it with you site if I go with an ASP.NET MVC app. If as expected the ecosystem of plugins for Orchard grows there will be tons of things I won't have to deal with and will just be able to grab a component that does it and worry about anything. In ASP.NET MVC I'd have to look for some code that does what I want, and adapt it, etc... I believe.


So it seems I have to make a choice between my preferred technology and facility in first coding and facility in the future through pluggable components and having a "CMS way" of benefitting from an ecosystem.


Any tip on when to go for one or the other? If just Orchard had gone the MS way and chose Entity Framework... Hehehe! (I know, I know... there's a bunch of reason for the election of NHibernate which I fully understand and share).

What other advantages or disadvantages of each aproach may I have overlooked?



Feb 15, 2011 at 10:47 PM

I'd say the main criterion for choosing Orchard should be whether the application is centered on any notion of content. It's made to manage extensible contents. For example, is there going to be contents that could benefit, say, from a pluggable comment system, or tags or what have you? If the answer is yes, chances are you're going to save tons of time adopting something like Orchard. You should also know that because Orchard is built on MVC 3, you can actually build parts of your application as MVC areas and with just a few minor adjustments (like moving the route declaration to routes.cs and writing a manifest) use that integrated into an Orchard app.

Feb 16, 2011 at 12:43 AM

Thanks for the clarification!


As I said, that is my main concern as I've worked with Wordpress and it's just great to know that if you need something you may just install a module and there you go... instead of having to write or adapt new code into your app. I wasn't sure if the case was as extreme as I thought but from your comment I see that Orchard will eventually make life much easier in that regard... So may be more worthy to learn than starting a new ASP.NET MVC app and lose time in the long term.


Thanks for all!