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Removing superfluous content

Feb 7, 2011 at 4:58 AM


I am looking to remove superfluous content. To be more precise, I am looking to excise that which really does not make any sense to exist and be shown to an end user.

For example, when I set my blog to be the front page, I get the name of the blog along with a date, before the blog entries themselves. Well, the name of my blog and the name of my site (the title above the navigation) are one and the same, and as such this setup looks very silly. Is there any way that I can prevent the blog name and date from showing, and to show only the blog entries themselves without having another page set as the front page? That is, I want the blog to be the front page, but not show the blog title (because it’s the same as the site) and the overall blog date. Is that functionality built into Orchard, or do I have to drop into the code for that? If so, would anyone be able to point me to exactly where I could find that?

As well, when I use the Contact Page module to create a contact page, that page itself starts out with an editable title, but then has an un-editable publish date/time, followed by the editable explanatory content, followed by the un-editable “Contact Us” that starts out the form itself. I am looking to remove both the publish date as well as the “Contact Us” that starts out the form. Might I assume that an excursion into the code is required for this?