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recycle bin feature

Jan 19, 2011 at 7:08 AM

Hi Team,
   Recycle bin feature has been included onto OrchardProject Released 0.1. I tested and it's working. There has versioning control and undeleted feature under recycle bin. I would like to confirm with you that does it correct what i have gone through with this recycle bin feature? We need to install Version Manager Version 0.9.1 and activate the its feature as well.

Refer as below for versioning:

Manage versions of content item #16

There is a total of 2 versions of the content item.

Parts that have multiple versions: BodyPart, ContentPart`1, RoutePart

Parts that have a single version: CommonPart, InfosetPart, LocalizationPart, MenuPart, PublishLaterPart, TagsPart