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FormsAuthenticationService : IAuthenticationService

Nov 9, 2010 at 5:54 PM

I am building an authentication module and have run into a roadblock. Although Orchard uses dependency injection, there are various places in the code where rather than using an injected type of IAuthenticationService, the implemented type (FormsAuthenticationService) is used instead. I believe I could write and use my own IAuthenticationService type for my autntication module, but I would have to change the Orchard core to use it.

Now, I admit I am not very familiar with Castle dependency injection. If it works like Unity, there should be a way to declare which IAuthenticationService to use. Either way, however, I believe the core would need to be modified to make it work.

If I submitted the necessary changes to the core, would the developers possibly review and use them?

Thank you.

 - Matt